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Title:PHP Application Developer
Department:WHMCS - Development
Location:Houston, TX
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Linux Proficiency
* How can you identify the currently running kernel version on most Linux operating systems?
Select all that apply.
echo ${kernel.version}
uname -r
dmesg | sed 's/^\[.*\] //'|grep '^Linux v'
less /proc/kernel/ver
cat /proc/version
* How would you create a new file called "file.txt" in the current directory within most Linux operating systems?
Select all that apply.
mkfile file.txt
vi file.txt
touch file.txt
if [ ! -e file.txt ]; then echo > file.txt; fi
open file.txt
* What would running the command "pwd" directly after logging in as root do?
Select all that apply.
Output the current working directory
Change the current user's password
Change to the specified directory
Output "/root"
* What would running the command "df -hl" do?
Halt the "df" process
Output all active human users logged in locally
Display the available disk space on locally mounted file systems
Display the available disk space in human readable format for all volumes
* Challenge: Write a one-line BASH `for` loop to create 100 user accounts (user1 through user100) using the `useradd` command.
PHP General
Please answer the questions below:
* How many years of experience do you have developing in PHP?
* How many applications have you built in PHP in your career?
* How many applications have you supported in PHP in your career?
* What is your favorite PHP framework and why?